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Hey, thanks for looking into the demo of Pirates of the Stormy Sea.

POTSS is a roguelike pirate ship sim inspired by games like Sid Meier's Pirates, FTL (Faster Than Light) and RimWorld. Take command of a sailing ship trying to escape from the British navy. Search for clues pointing to a save heaven while upgrading your ship and crew. Every battle on your way will be unique, every run will feel different and every time you die you will have to start anew.

What makes POTSS unique is the combination of in depth ship and crew customization with strategic battles against a cunning enemy AI and a largely randomly generated game map. And you can take a look at the current state of the game because there is a playable Demo of POTSS available.

This is a feature demo showcasing navigation, ship and crew upgrades and extensive battle mechanics like fire, boarding maneuvers and many things more. There is no such thing as a learning curve, yet, just a basic tool tip guide to explain the UI and mechanics. Balancing is not done yet and some weapons are a bit to strong. The finished game is going to contain additional mechanics like sail damage, fire management, different weapons and boarding deterrents and so on... . A more detailed overview on planned features and how the final game is going to look like can be found under this link:

About POTSS & An introduction to Gameplay

Game Elements:

Follow a classic pirate story line on a journey through the Caribbean
- Randomly generated maps with increasing difficulty
- Encounter trader, pirates, navy vessels, sea monsters and ghost ships
- Discover hidden events and secret quest lines

Fight pirates, traders and Brits in ever changing battle encounters
- Capture enemy ships and make them your own
- Plunder merchant ships to capture trade goods and take prisoners
- Set ships ablaze or punch holes into the hulk to watch them sink
- Get rid of the enemy crew with a rain of arrows, shrapnel or gas munition
- Destroy the sails of a ship to prevent it from maneuvering or escaping
- Use powerful Voodoo rituals to turn the tide of battle at any time
- Engage in intense close quarter combats and take prisoners, or not...

Manage, equip and develop your ship and crew
- Configure the ship layout, upgrade weapons, sails and planking
- Manage storage, balance equipment vs ammunition and rations
- Upgrade your ship with boarding or fire repellent
- Equip mates with special objects or weapons
- Specialize crew members to perform healing or repairs

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StatusIn development
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